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Stuber, Martin “Wir halten eine fette Mahlzeit, denn mit dem Ei verzehren wir die Henne”. Konzepte nachhaltiger Waldnutzung im Kanton Bern 1750-1880. Beiheft zur Schweizerischen Zeitschrift für Forstwesen – Supplément au Journal forestier suisse 1997 FS 13
Alden Wily, Liz ‘So who owns the forest’ An investigation into forest ownership and customary land rights in Liberia 2007 AF 37
Chien, Johnny P. U. (Edward Lakin Mansel, Co-Author) 100 Years of Agricultural Development in Sarawak 2017 DI 230
Blaser, Jürgen 14ème session du Conseil International Des Bois Tropicaux et 12ème session des Comités Permanents, Kuala Lumpur, Malaisie, 11 au 19 Mai 1993 1993 TA 21
Kedit, Peter M.; Jingan, Aeries S.; Tsen, Darrell; Chung, Thomas; Munan, Heidi; John, Yohannan 150 Years of the Anglican Church in Borneo 1998 MP 50
Blaser, Jürgen 15ème session du Conseil International Des Bois Tropicaux et 13ème session des Comités Permanents, Yokohama, Japon, 10 au 17 Novembre 1993 Et Compte-rendu du Séminaire Sustainable Forest Management Systems Practiced in Natural Forests of Japan, Hokkai 1993 TA 20
Zuckowski, Damian 20 lat walki ludu Penan o zachowanie srodowiska zycia, in: Dzikie Zycie, S. 23ff. (Polnisch) 2010 SK 407
Perlis, A. (Hrsg.) 2002 International Year of Mountains 2002 DI 120
Ta Ann Holdings Berhad 2018 Annual Report – Towards Sustainable Management FT 89
International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) 25 success stories 2011 FT 73
von Pilar, Ulrike (Hg.) 40 Jahre MSF 2011 EH 26
Kua Kia, Soong 445 Days under the ISA – Operation Lalang 1987-89 2010 (first published in 1989) MP 93
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment 4th National Report to the Convention on Biological Diversity 2009 BD 3
Frei, Richi (Hrsg.) 500 Jahre Widerstand 1992 UB 18
Triponez, Joseph; Triponez, Marie-Claire 9 lois universelles pour vivre en harmonie avec les forces de la nature 2001 US 37
> Schweizer Klimapolitik auf einen Blick 2014 DI 207
Peter Metcalf A Borneo Journey into Death – Berawan Eschatology from its Rituals 1991 SK 491
Reece, R. H. W. A Botanist In Borneo. Hugh Low’s Sarawak Journals 1844-1846 2002 SK 229
Anderson, J. A. R. A Checklist of the Trees of Sarawak 1980 SK 287
Conant, Jeff; Fadem, Pam A Community Guide to Environmental Health, first ed. 2008 2008 DI 145
UNO, Centre for Human Rights (Hrsg.) A Compilation of International Instruments 1988 MR 9
Mackinnon, John; Phillipps, Karen A Field Guide to the Birds of Borneo, Sumatra, Java and Bali 1993 SA 30
Payne, Junaidi; Francis, Charles M.; Phillipps, Karen A Field Guide to the Mammals of Borneo 1994 SK 24
Evans, Tom D.; Sengdala, Khamphone; Viengkham, Oulathong V.; Thammavong, Banxa A Field Guide to the Rattans of Lao PDR Covers all 51 species known from Lao PDR and nearby areas 2001 HB 26
European Parliament, Directorate General for Research A Global Community Strategy in the Forestry Sector Summary, Conclusions, Proposals 1994 FA 13

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