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Welcome to the world of Bruno Manser's photographs!


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Whenever Bruno Manser travelled through the rainforest, he always had his camera with him. During his stays with the Penan on Borneo and the pygmies in the Democratic Republic of Congo between 1986 and 2000, he took more than 10 000 photographs. They relate the story of the traditional life of the nomadic Penan and the pygmies as well as their habitat, the rainforest. They show up the ruthless destruction of the primary forests and document the resistance of the indigenous peoples. By no means least, they constitute a historical record of Bruno Manser's actions – some of them spectacular – in the struggle against the clearance of the Paradise he had found on Borneo. A selection from this treasure house of photographs has now been made freely accessible to you at the end of a project that took two years' work. .

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Where the Penan live is shown here.

Tello Abing,  Esther Baur (Staatsarchiv Basel-Stadt),  Julia Beckel,  Claudia Berger,  Evelyne Borel,  Yvan Bourquard,  Dany Endres,  Mike Evans,  Familie Manser,  Barbara Frey Näf (mission21),  Barbara Hartmann,  Isabelle Iser,  Nina Laely,  Ian Mackenzie,  Kaspar Müller,  Peter Müller,  Balang Nalang,  Christian Spring,  Mutang Urud,  Nicole Wehrli,  Erwin Zbinden (picturebâle).

Karl-Mayer-Stiftung, Bâle (CH)